The “New” Metaverse

Ahh, it’s good to see the fine folks at the Lab have a sense of humor about this “new” Metaverse thing.  I mean, seeing as they – and we the Residents – have only been at this building 3D virtual worlds thing for almost 20 years now. (We’re rapidly approaching the celebrations of SL19B!) It’s sometimes surreal to think about all the “kids” who joined in 2003, 2004 at 18 or 20, who have since gone on to graduate college, start careers and families.  And we’re still just gettin’ on with it, making improvements,  And yes, I say we, because although Linden Lab provides us a platform upon which to build (and continues to make improvements to that platform), it’s we the Residents who do most of the heavy lifting to create these worlds. And there are certainly some fun, some beautiful, some entertaining worlds to see within SL.

Speaking of improvements to the platform, though… you guys all know about the new “LegLock” feature, right?  Check out this link for an overview. ♥

It’s Been Awhile

I really started this blog with the best of intentions, to chronicle my daily activities within SL.  Clearly, though, I’ve failed miserably.  Maybe the truth of it is that my days are so full of sameness that I worry that other people will not find that interesting.

But, my goal really isn’t to blog for other people.  This is something I want entirely for myself.

So here we are, 3+ years later, and I’m resolving to keep up better again.  I probably won’t, but I’ll … try.

Second Life Is Just Weird, Man!

Whenever friends and family ask me about where I work and what I do for income, I always pause to brace myself before I tell them.  I know when I tell them that I earn income from (and spend a substantial amount of time in) Second Life, they’re either going to look at me with pure confusion, or they’re going to give me a look that says “You do weird, kinky ish for cash”, before they awkwardly try to find out more about what I actually do.

The overwhelming reactions are either that they have no idea what it is at all, or that they’ve “heard about it” or “seen it on that one crime show”.  If they haven’t heard about it, it’s a fair opportunity to tell them that it’s a virtual world where content creators and creative people can make items and create experiences for other residents of that world to enjoy; a place where you can build almost anything, or be almost anything.  A place where you can find like-minded individuals to share ideas and thoughts with.  A place where you can collaborate!  But, if they have heard about it, it’s almost never good what they’ve heard.  It’s always something along the lines of, “so, there’s basically a bunch of people running around as avatars having virtual sex all the time”?  And then the words “furry”, “yiffing”, “age-play”, “cam girls”, and “escorts” tend to come tumbling out of their mouths at some point during the conversation.  Although those things aren’t all there is to SL, by a long shot, they are there, and they do get talked about an awful lot.

And that’s how we find ourselves teleporting to LAQ and being almost immediately accosted by some wanker who thinks that it’s perfectly okay to just ask any female for sex.  Just a week old, roaming around without an AO, in terrible free skin, and well … in case you aren’t aware of it, males in SL don’t automatically come “equipped”.   That’s an add-on item you’d have to purchase from one of those aforementioned content creators.

So… all right, we’ll accept that plenty of new people are going to come into SL just looking to see what the S(L)ex is all about.  If we’re gonna do that though, I have a few tips.

Tip #1: don’t strike up conversation this way with people you meet in random stores:

sseexx81 Resident: hy
(You): Hi…
sseexx81 Resident: sexy
sseexx81 Resident: i f**k you
sseexx81 Resident: how we sex in this game
(You): Nope, you won’t f**k me!
sseexx81 Resident: why
(You): Because I’m not interested.
sseexx81 Resident: ok
sseexx81 Resident: sorry

I’m going to give this guy credit for at least apologizing for his intrusion into my shopping experience.  That’s like half a point in his favor, but let me assure you he ended up in the negative anyway.

Tip #2:  Read a profile if someone looks interesting.  You might find just from their profile whether or not they’re into random casual s(l)ex with other avatars.  You may also get fair warning that asking them for that sort of a thing will just outright offend them.  Save yourself some choice unkind words.

Tip #3: If you’re going to roam around looking for casual s(l)ex, don’t do it in the nude.  Whether or not you have the right “equipment” for s(l)ex,  this doesn’t make a good first impression, and in some regions, it can get you reported, etc.   (G-Rated regions frown upon the nudity, Moderate or Adult, it’s not report-worthy, but you may still leave people highly unimpressed).

Tip #4: Use the search function in Second Life.   Ctrl+F or look for the search button on your UI.  Probably looks like a magnifying glass.  Go to the places tab, and type “sex” in search.  You’ll find about 80 million results. There’s nothing wrong with sex – virtual or otherwise – but consider the fact that you’re a lot more likely to find someone who shares your interest, whatever that interest might be, if you seek them out in places that they congregate, or look for groups of like-minded people.  Hitting up random people in a shop, or shopping area is only likely to get you muted, or worse.

Tip #5: Second Life has so much more to offer than pixel porn.  Consider looking for something other than “sex” in search.  I mean, there are some imaginative non-sexual role play communities.  There are virtual museums in SL.  There are places where you can learn to create content yourself.  Are you interested in code? Try learning LSL! Are you into racing? Did you want to drive Formula 1 or NASCAR as a kid? Try it out in SL!  Maybe you can’t go surfing in the real world – you can in Second Life! There’s at least 80 million search results that have absolutely nothing to do with s(l)ex.  Maybe you’ll find a new hobby, or maybe you’ll actually make some friends.  And maybe you won’t come off like the dude who lives in mama’s basement and has no life.   Just sayin’.  ♥

And I can hope that one day I can say that I earn my living in Second Life, and not have to brace for impact when I do.


A Long Day, A Good Day

My Little PilgrimMy goodness, but I’m tired today!

That being said, today was a really good day! I got to hang out with friends, take loads of photos, and even though some of my cats retired, which is always a little sad, it also meant I got to open new boxes!

New boxes that become kittens like the one to the left.

Introducing Pilgrim, with his adorable odd little vampire ears and his lovely Grey Matter eyes.

He just knows he’s cute, can’t you tell?

By the way, that snapshot is entirely unedited, taken directly in SL! How did I do that, you may ask (if you’re familiar with SL’s camera tools, anyway)? Well, I got this awesome little product called the Kari – Komrad HUD.

It’s not exactly a new piece of equipment, I gather, but it was new to me, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it.

It has several different frame options, including the Polaroid style you see in use on the photo of Pilgrim.  It also features “effects” such as the vignette, or light streaks, or film grain, etc. It’s really a fun and useful little tool, and has inspired me to come up with a neat way to do my preview images for [JNXD.]

Being that I’m absolutely shattered, even though it’s only 6PM, my little old lady butt is off to bed. Tomorrow is a brand new day, and hopefully I will have more chances to explore and work on the landscaping and decor of Catspaw Island.


Catspaw Island. Or, My Landlord is the Greatest


I’ve been working on terraforming and landscaping my brand new homestead for a  week and a half or so now, and so far, I have to admit to being super pleased with myself.  As you can see, the land is shaped like a cat’s paw.

So, imagine my great joy and happiness when my landlord – excuse me, landlady – told me that I had the option of renaming the region if I was willing to pay the fee to do so!  If you’re not renting with Naked Landlady Rentals, you really don’t know what you’re missing.

I don’t mean any offense or disrespect to the owner of the estate that I rent on, but I have to admit that as much as I wanted the homestead, and as much as I didn’t want to rent with any other land rental company, I really wasn’t a fan of the name of the region.  It conjured absurd images in my mind, absurd and disturbing images.   Today, though, the ticket was put in with Linden Lab, and I anxiously await the official name change to Catspaw Island.

Expect to see a post featuring lots of photos, and a slurl to my KittyCatS area, as soon as the name change is complete!

Fifteen Minus Twelve Seconds Of Fame

Last week, KittyCatS and their community was invited to participate in a filming by Draxtor Despres.  Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to gather with other members of the community, but nevertheless, I did get to be part of the film!  I’m the blonde with pink tips who kind of looks cranky towards the end… I swear that’s the environment settings.  My avatar is (mostly) happy, honest!

The video is super cute, though, and the song is written and performed by Callie Cline, the Princess of KittyCatS herself. ♥

Punch Me In The Feels, Why Don’tcha?

Didn’t get a lot of chance to explore or do any building today; it was, after all, a work day.  I did, however have something shared with me which I in turn wish to share with you. Be forewarned, though, it will hit you right in the feels.  At least, it did me.

One of the things that I took away from this video was how, sometimes we’re all prone to responding to situations and people because of our own fears, without really understanding the other person’s true intentions.  The way this little scrappy kitten in the video fears the dog when the dog just wants to help the kitten out.

The other thing I took away from this video is just how much we can do, and how much we can help each other out, when we let go of those fears and give each other a chance.

Hello, Again, World!

Right.  So here we are, yet again, with me starting over with a blog.  I honestly resolve to keep it updated each time I restart, but then life tends to happen, and the best laid plans fall by the wayside for the things you don’t expect, but must prioritize.

The plan, this time, as with every other time that I’ve started, and restarted, this blog is to document my daily adventures and experiences in Second Life.  That probably means that I will talk a lot about KittyCatS, with which I am absolutely obsessed and addicted to, and building and creating content for the little shop that I own and operate, called [JNXD.] (pronounced as “jinxed”).  Let’s hope that this time, it works out.

Mind the rubble around the place, as it’s still a little bit under construction.   If something falls on your head, you can’t sue me: you were warned!