A Long Day, A Good Day

My Little PilgrimMy goodness, but I’m tired today!

That being said, today was a really good day! I got to hang out with friends, take loads of photos, and even though some of my cats retired, which is always a little sad, it also meant I got to open new boxes!

New boxes that become kittens like the one to the left.

Introducing Pilgrim, with his adorable odd little vampire ears and his lovely Grey Matter eyes.

He just knows he’s cute, can’t you tell?

By the way, that snapshot is entirely unedited, taken directly in SL! How did I do that, you may ask (if you’re familiar with SL’s camera tools, anyway)? Well, I got this awesome little product called the Kari – Komrad HUD.

It’s not exactly a new piece of equipment, I gather, but it was new to me, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it.

It has several different frame options, including the Polaroid style you see in use on the photo of Pilgrim.  It also features “effects” such as the vignette, or light streaks, or film grain, etc. It’s really a fun and useful little tool, and has inspired me to come up with a neat way to do my preview images for [JNXD.]

Being that I’m absolutely shattered, even though it’s only 6PM, my little old lady butt is off to bed. Tomorrow is a brand new day, and hopefully I will have more chances to explore and work on the landscaping and decor of Catspaw Island.


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