Catspaw Island. Or, My Landlord is the Greatest

Catspaw Island


I’ve been working on terraforming and landscaping my brand new homestead for a  week and a half or so now, and so far, I have to admit to being super pleased with myself.  As you can see, the land is shaped like a cat’s paw.

So, imagine my great joy and happiness when my landlord – excuse me, landlady – told me that I had the option of renaming the region if I was willing to pay the fee to do so!  If you’re not renting with Naked Landlady Rentals, you really don’t know what you’re missing.

I don’t mean any offense or disrespect to the owner of the estate that I rent on, but I have to admit that as much as I wanted the homestead, and as much as I didn’t want to rent with any other land rental company, I really wasn’t a fan of the name of the region.  It conjured absurd images in my mind, absurd and disturbing images.   Today, though, the ticket was put in with Linden Lab, and I anxiously await the official name change to Catspaw Island.

Expect to see a post featuring lots of photos, and a slurl to my KittyCatS area, as soon as the name change is complete!

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