Hello, Again, World!

Right.  So here we are, yet again, with me starting over with a blog.  I honestly resolve to keep it updated each time I restart, but then life tends to happen, and the best laid plans fall by the wayside for the things you don’t expect, but must prioritize.

The plan, this time, as with every other time that I’ve started, and restarted, this blog is to document my daily adventures and experiences in Second Life.  That probably means that I will talk a lot about KittyCatS, with which I am absolutely obsessed and addicted to, and building and creating content for the little shop that I own and operate, called [JNXD.] (pronounced as “jinxed”).  Let’s hope that this time, it works out.

Mind the rubble around the place, as it’s still a little bit under construction.   If something falls on your head, you can’t sue me: you were warned!

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