The “New” Metaverse

Ahh, it’s good to see the fine folks at the Lab have a sense of humor about this “new” Metaverse thing.  I mean, seeing as they – and we the Residents – have only been at this building 3D virtual worlds thing for almost 20 years now. (We’re rapidly approaching the celebrations of SL19B!) It’s sometimes surreal to think about all the “kids” who joined in 2003, 2004 at 18 or 20, who have since gone on to graduate college, start careers and families.  And we’re still just gettin’ on with it, making improvements,  And yes, I say we, because although Linden Lab provides us a platform upon which to build (and continues to make improvements to that platform), it’s we the Residents who do most of the heavy lifting to create these worlds. And there are certainly some fun, some beautiful, some entertaining worlds to see within SL.

Speaking of improvements to the platform, though… you guys all know about the new “LegLock” feature, right?  Check out this link for an overview. ♥

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