About Me

Hello! My name is Kikii Lemondrop in Second Life.  This avatar’s born-on date is January 10, 2010.  My oldest still existing avatar was born some time in 2004.  Suffice it to say, I have been involved in Second Life for a very long time!

Over the years, I have worn a lot of hats in SL; co-owner of a KittyCatS secondary market (CatTales), rental agent for Naked Landlady Rentals, host/DJ for several now defunct clubs, Second Life Mentor (when that was a thing).  Sadly, I am no longer part of CatTales, although I remain quite proud of the efforts that I made there, and that it was something I poured my heart into.  These days I auction KittyCatS at Bluefish Bay, and enjoy producing content for my little store, [JNXD.] (pronounced as “jinxed”).

According to the MBTI, I am an INFP-T: If you’re not familiar with the Meyers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, and this sort of information is for some reason meaningful to you, you can click here to read up on the personality type in question. What I can tell you is 1000% true is that I am definitely introverted.  As much as I love my friends, as much as I love making new ones, socializing with groups can be exhausting for me, and I may not make the best friend for a very needy person, because I am usually happy with my own company, and don’t actively seek out another’s very often.

Although I am a very warm and friendly person, in my own estimation, I can sometimes be difficult to get to know.  The introversion is real, and severe, and I am a very reserved and private person with those whom I do not know well.  I do love to make new friends, but place a lot of value in growing relationships slowly, deliberately.  I am not brilliant at small-talk, and when I am getting to know someone I really appreciate learning about the “serious” stuff.  What motivates you, what are you passionate about?  These are the things that are important to me.  If you want to chit chat, I’m happy to, but I’ll warn you that you’ll need to drive and control the conversation a lot!

So what about me? What motivates me, and what am I passionate about?  Well, let’s see:  I’m a creative person; an artist and a builder.  I sing (badly), and play the guitar (moderately).  I was a “band nerd” throughout my school years, and played the flute.  I love to both learn, and to teach and help others.  I believe that we, as people, need to put out into the world what we hope to receive from it; acceptance, love, and compassion.  I am a morning person, who wakes up cheerful and ready to start the day when my feet hit the floor, so to speak.  And no, that’s not due to coffee consumption! I’m just naturally (annoyingly) perky in the mornings!  I love to make others happy, and have been known to bend over backwards to do so.  This is not always a good thing, for me, or a healthy thing, but I would still rather be accused of being “too kind”, than not kind enough.  I am terrible at dealing with conflict, and usually prone to reacting to situations based on my feelings, rather than strictly objective observation.  I’m working on that, among other things!  I have a difficult time dealing with “injustice” and “unfairness”, even though I’m well aware that the world, and life, aren’t fair.  I remain an idealist and a dreamer, anyway.

As for the small-talk tidbits? I’m a geek. A nerd.  A gamer.  A Whovian.  A girlie-girl and a tomboy all at once.  An Anglophile.  A hopeless romantic, a believer in soulmates.  I am an “elder millenial”.  A grammar nerd.  I have an opinion about the Oxford comma; I am for it.  I love to read, all types from historical novels, fiction, non-fiction, horror, science fiction, humor.  I will devour a good book faster than you might imagine.  I don’t watch a lot of t.v., but if you ask me about Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Scrubs, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, or Charmed, I’ll probably have an opinion.  I’m late catching up on Stranger Things, okay?  I’m more interested in your computer specs than I am the kind of car you drive, or the house you live in.

Anything else you really want to know? Feel free to look me up in SL and ask me.